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  • Fixed: HTTP logs from IIS 6 could not be loaded
  • Fixed: In some case the user interface could hang when updating the row detail panel
  • Fixed: The error 500 warning notification could be displayed several times for the same log rows because the last monitored time was wrong
  • Improved: When a log file with all its rows outside the configured time window is loaded the user is now prompted to remove the time filter to see these rows.


  • Fixed: The configuration was not saved if the application was open when closing the user session or powering off the computer
  • Fixed: The position and size of detailed statistics windows were not saved if these windows were open when closing the application

Version 3.0 final release

  • Fixed: The FTP/http log synchronization did not support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
  • Improved: Integer fields with a null value are handled without generating an exception internally

Version 3.0 beta 2

  • Updated: New features of the version 3 are now documented in the help file
  • Added: Ability to change the MySQL TCP port
  • Fixed: The UI could hang when openning the database configuration dialog box and the database server was unavailable.
  • Fixed: The application could crash if the database was not available
  • Improved: When the maximum number of rows to load from the database is reached a warning is displayed.
  • Fixed: The Pie chart and the Top 5 chart were not updated in detailed field statistics when the filter was changed
  • Improved: The length of the UrlPath field was decreased to 250 characters to avoid compatibility issues with the MyISAM database engine
  • Fixed: The insertion in the database could be slow to start if many rows were already inserted in the database.
  • Improved: The application can now handle W3C log files corrupted with blocks of zeros.
  • Fixed: It was possible to configure the synchronization even that the log folder was not defined leading to a crash

Version 3.0 beta

See: What's new in HttpLogBrowser 3.0


Fixed: Dots were removed from IP addresses in statistics when the application was running on a computer with italian regional settings leading to unoperational filter links.


  • Fixed: The time was wrong with Apache access logs
  • Fixed: Rows may be missing with Apache access logs
  • Fixed: Some rows could not be parsed in Apache access logs
  • Fixed: https links were not generated correctly in the row detail panel
  • Fixed: The histogram was selected for some numeric fields when the pie chart was more relevant 
  • Fixed: The host name provided by the log file was overriden by the host name configured in the profile
  • Improved: The application can now also determine the country for IPv6 client addresses
  • Fixed: Private and loopback client IP addresses now return an empty country name instead of ZZ
  • Added: On IIS when a web request comes through a proxy the actual IP address of the client can be extracted from the X-Forwarded-For HTTP request variable if included in the IIS logs as a custom field with exactly the same name.
  • Added: Ability to extract the time taken, the port and the hostname from the Apache logs if added at the end of the combined log line with the LogFormat directive. Definition of the fields to add: %{ms}T %p %{Host}i (Explained in this blog article).


  • Fixed: Crash in reason of registry permissions after the installation of the Windows 10 Creators Fall update
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to load logs from a folder without proper access
  • Fixed: The filter expression was not built properly when adding a condition for a field with a name that ends with a field name already in the filter expression
  • Added: Ability to check if there is a new version available from the Help menu


  • Fixed: A copy to the clipboard could fail in some cases. In particular in a remote desktop session
  • Fixed: Specifying an invalid license key could make the application crash at the next startup

Version 2.0 final release

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Version 2.0 release candidate

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Version 2.0 beta 4

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Version 2.0 beta 3

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Version 2.0 beta 2

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Version 2.0 beta

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Version 1.01

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Version 1.0 final release

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Version 1.0 beta

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