HttpLogBrowser 2.0 final release available!

The final release of the HttpLogBrowser 2.0 is now available. Thanks to everybody that sent me feedback to help me improve this version during the beta period. If you are still using version 1.0 of the application, you can read what’s new in this major version on the following page:

What’s new in version 2?

This version also includes a professional edition that will be on sale soon. Until then you are able to use features of the professional edition thanks to the 30 days evaluation period.

Additional features included in the Professional edition

If you already installed the Release Candidate you’ll find hereafter the minor changes added in the final release:

  • Fixed: Windows were not always correctly restored to their last position
  • Added: Ability to display/hide time statistics from the web statistics report by selecting/unselecting the EvenTime field.
  • Updated: Final touches to the help file. The two following use cases have been added:

Download HttpLogBrowser 2.0

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