HttpLogBrowser 2.0 Release Candidate released

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We get closer to the final release of the version 2.0 of the HttpLogBrowser. The Release Candidate was just released. If you do not know yet what’s new in version 2 you can read my post announcing the beta of the version 2.
You can see hereafter what’s specifically new in this release:

  • Added: Translation of cryptographic fields to help detecting weak TLS usage in IIS. These cryptographic fields need to be enabled in IIS as explained in the following article:
     New IIS functionality to help identify weak TLS usage
  • Fixed: The URL exclusion was not working.
  • Fixed: Customized column widths were lost after an application restart
  • Fixed: Applying the error 500 filter after clicking on the error 500 notification was making the user interface hang.
  • Changed: The free evaluation of the professional edition is now automatically started for 30 days once you enable it. Existing users of the professional edition will automatically get 30 additional days of evaluation with this release.
  • Changed: The license dialog box and the evaluation expired dialog box to propose to get an extended evaluation key once the standard evaluation period has expired.

Download the Release Candidate

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