FinalAnalytics is working on tools to help IT technicians to analyze any kind of logs they will need to dig into. The first kind of logs that are addressed are the web servers HTTP logs with the HttpLogBrowser. The Windows event logs will follow with the LogBrowser.


Version 4.62 is available! See what's new.

The HttpLogBrowser is a Windows desktop application that allows you to load IIS HTTP logs and Apache access logs in memory in order to query them. It is very easy to filter down the data to what you are interested in just by clicking on values in field statistics.

You can get more information and download the program on the product page.


Coming soon!

With the same philosophy as the HttpLogBrowser, the LogBrowser is a Windows desktop application that will help you to dig into Windows event logs but not only. The program will be designed to display logs from different sources with different fields. In the first version the LogBrowser will also be able to query IIS W3C logs like the HttpLogBrowser in addition to Windows event logs. You can consider that the LogBrowser will also include features of the HttpLogBrowser with the main difference that log lines will not be displayed in a grid. This is a consequence of the need to display events with a different list of fields. So the application will be extendable later to other log sources.

The other main difference is that the LogBrowser will be based on a search engine so the filtering will be done differently.

You will find a few screenshots of an alpha version in the product page.