HttpLogBrowser 4.61 released

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A new small release of the HttpLogBrowser is available with the following new features included in the free edition.

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Ignore IP addresses or user agents

A new page was added in the log settings in order to exclude web requests with specific client IP addresses or user agent strings.

This is useful when you have some monitoring tools that are constantly doing web requests on your web site and fill up the logs with useless information. Excluding these web requests will allow loading the data faster, use less memory and filter faster.

Exclude IP addresses and user agent strings in the HttpLogBrowser

Use UTC time

With this new option you can display web request times in UTC instead of your local time. After changing this setting you need to reload the data and if you use the cache or the database mode you first need to clear the cache or the database.

Use UTC time in the HttpLogBrowser

Bug fixes in this version are listed in the change log.

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