HttpLogBrowser 2.0 beta 2 has been released

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The beta 2 of the HttpLogBrowser 2.0 was just released. If you do not know yet what’s new in version 2 you can read my previous post annoucing the beta of this new major version.
 You can read hereafter what’s new in the beta 2:

  • Improved: Statistics are built against case insensitive string values to be consistent with the filters that are also case insensitive.
  • Improved: Added the ability to set a maximum number of log rows to load to avoid consuming too much memory. The default value is 1 million log rows.
  • Fixed: Crash when exporting field statistics
  • Fixed: The time unit was not correct in detailed field statistics after changing the time filter
  • Improved: The time selection controls were replaced with new ones more consistent with the UI skin.
  • Fixed: The W3C field s-computername did not have a display name.
  • Added: A draft of the documentation of version 2 new features
  • Changed: The free evaluation of the professional edition was extended until end October

Download the beta 2 version

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