HttpLogBrowser 1.0 released!

Tags: httplogbrowser, http logs

The final release of the HttpLogBrowser 1.0 is now available. You can go to the product page to download it.

The help file has been updated with a full reference of the application and you will find hereafter the list of what’s new in this release since the beta version was released:

  • Added: Ability to extract custom query variables and cookies in new fields
  • Added: Ability to navigate to the referer web page  and  the web site page
  • Added: Ability to specify the web site host name if not provided by the logs
  • Improved: The gclid variable is removed from the http query
  • Fixed: Excluded extensions and log file selection were saved in default settings when not required.
  • Fixed: Bug when trying set the cursor on the first bar in the time statistics chart
  • Fixed: The query mode was not switched back to automatic when the CTRL key was release after the main windows lost the focus.
  • Fixed: A bug when there was a syntax problem in the condition
  • Fixed:  Rows outside the selected time frame could be displayed if there was an OR operator in the condition
  • Fixed: Columns were not reset when changing the source
  • Fixed: A time gap for the oldest log file when the 2 million rows limit was reached

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