HttpLogBrowser 2.0 beta 4 released

The beta 4 of HttpLogBrowser 2.0 was released. You can find hereafter what’s new in this version:

  • Fixed: The tracking field SinceDays had incorrect values when using the cache mode. The problem was introduced in the beta 2. Users of the beta 2 and beta 3 will need to reset the cache to correct the problem in existing data.
  • Improved: The user is automatically prompted to specify limits when about to load too much data.
  • Changed: The ability to specify a period in days to load also applies now when loading specific files and not only a whole folder.
  • Changed: The free evaluation of the professional edition was extended until 15th November

Download HttpLogBrowser 2.0 beta 4

Main new features of version 2.0

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  • simon said

    Nice! Thank you for providing such an elegant tool. I'm finding it very useful tracking down a botnet attack on our site.

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