HttpLogBrowser 3.0 beta has been released!

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After several months of development the new version of the HttpLogBrowser is available as a beta version. The free edition and the professional edition get new features.

Don’t hesitate to send any feedback or problem to or by adding a comment to this blog post. If a previous version is installed there is no need to uninstall it. Just launch the setup and an upgrade will automatically take place. In the case you want to downgrade later you just need to uninstall the beta version and reinstall the version 2.0. All settings from before the upgrade will be restored.

To see all new features in this new version you can read What's new in version 3.0 You'll also find a short list below.

Download the beta version

Version 3 of the HttpLogBrowser displaying an icon on each row to quickly identify the HTTP status of every web request

Short list of new features:

  • Quickly reload recent logs

  • Load local IIS sites logs from the file menu

  • An icon allows you to quickly see the status of a web request

  • The day of week and the hour of day are extracted in new fields

  • The column order is persistent

  • Log synchronization (Professional edition)

  • Database mode (Professional edition)

  • Fast reverse DNS to determine clients host names (Professional edition)

  • Command line mode (Professional edition)

Hour of day histogram for HTTP requests of a web site in the HttpLogBrowser

Download the beta version

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  • jnh said

    The beta 2 is now available! Please see the change log to see what has been fixed or improved in this release.

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