HttpLogBrowser 4.0 is available in beta!

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After more than one year of development the new version of the HttpLogBrowser is available as a beta version. Both free and professional editions get some new features.

Download the beta version

For exhaustive information on this new version you can read What’s new in version 4.0. You’ll also find a short list of the new features hereafter:

Quick access to IIS log folders from the HttpLogBrowser

Free edition

  • Newly available log rows are automatically loaded during a refresh

  • Improved IIS FTP logs analysis

  • Improved quick access to local IIS sites logs

  • Fields can be organized by categories

  • New welcome screen

Professional edition

  • Multiple log folders mode for load balanced web sites

  • Filter cache for the database mode

  • Real time mode

  • Ability to browse remote log folders to synchronize

  • Ability to schedule the log synchronization and insertion from the UI

Multiple folder mode of the HttpLogBrowser to analyze logs of load balanced web sites

Download the beta version

Don’t hesitate to send any feedback or problem to or by adding a comment to this blog post. If a previous version is already installed, there is no need to uninstall it, just launch the setup and an upgrade will automatically take place. In the case you want to downgrade later you just need to uninstall the beta version and reinstall the previous version. All settings from before the upgrade will be restored.

As a sign of thanks to early adopters, the professional edition of version 4 is free for all existing customers with a professional license of an older version even if their maintenance has expired. So don’t hesitate to try this new version out!

For fixes and improvements published during the beta period you can consult the Change Log.

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  • jnh said

    The beta 2 has been released. You can consult the Change Log to see what's new.

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