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HttpLogBrowser 4.63 is available!

The version 4.63 of the HttpLogBrowser is available with a new feature and bug fixes. 

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FinalAnalytics is dedicated to help IT technicians to analyze logs generated mostly by Windows machines but not only. The company was founded in 2016. For now there is only one product to download. This first product available in its fourth version is the HttpLogBrowser dedicated to analyze HTTP logs generated by IIS and Apache web servers. See more on the product page.

The next step will be to release a tool that will also allow analyzing Windows event logs, Microsoft Exchange logs and various other logs in addition to IIS logs. So in the same tool you will be able to correlate for example http events and events from the Windows event logs thus allowing debugging complex problems involving IIS and Windows.

The ultimate goal will be to release a tool capable of analyzing logs from multiple sources including text log files thus allowing debugging complex situations concerning many applications.

A new company

FinalAnalytics was just created. You can learn more about its creation in the blog post Company creation.


You will be updated regularly on the blog when products and new releases become available and you will also get some tips and points of view about log analysis.