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After working during some time as employee you always get at a certain point the need to create your company to put in actions your own ideas. This was particularly true for me.

I was software developer at IS Decisions during 16 years with lately the title of Director of Research and I was also in charge of the internal IT. During all these years I took much time to analyze logs either from our own IT or logs generated by our products sent to us by customers to solve support cases.

After digging much into logs I had the feeling that I could be much more efficient with the right tool. But why a new log analysis tool when there are already many of them on the market? The answer is that most of these tools are based on a web interface and may also run in the cloud. I’m not a big fan of web interfaces and I’m not very enthusiast to put my data in the Cloud. Some people feel safer with their money in a bank and some other feel safer with cash in their pocked. In computing the same applies. Some people feel safer with their data in the Cloud when other people feel safer with their data on their own computer.

I will not discuss here what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case. The point here is that there will always be interest for programs running as desktop applications even if the mainstream lead us to web applications hosted in the cloud.

OK, so you know the reasons why I created FinalAnalytics. For now there are no downloadable programs but you can take a look at the products page if you want more information about what’s coming. You will even get a few screenshots in preview.

A lot of work is ahead of me in particular that I’m starting alone. Hopefully the enterprise will be a success and more people will join the company once the first steps will be passed.  

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