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The preference window can be displayed from the Tools menu.

You can can configure a few settings here:

Regularly check for new version. If you select that, the application will check during the startup if a new version is available once per week. If a new version is available a notification will be displayed and if you click on it you will be able to read what's new in this new version.

Prompt me when I'm about to load more than the following amount of log data. When selected you will be prompted with the log limits dialog every time you try to load log files with a size greater than the specified value so you can choose how you want to limit the amount of data depending on your needs. This setting is not effective when you use the wizard or if you use a profile because you can specify these limits in the log wizard.

Hide features of the professional edition. If you don't use the professional edition and are not interested in it you can hide all items in the user interface that can only be used with the professional edition.

Use W3C field names. The HttpLogBrowser uses its own field names. If you are used to the W3C field names you can use them instead. This is not recommended. Enable this setting only if you have a good reason.


Preferences configuration in the HttpLogBrowser