Log files selection

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Log files selection

You specify here where the log files are located. There are two ways to define the set of log files to load.

1.Load all log files from a folder. To do that, select the check box Select whole folder. and then specify the path of the folder you want to load. You can browse for a folder if you click the button ... right to the Folder Path text box. Once the folder is selected the log file list is automatically determined. Any file with the .log extension will be selected.
If there are too many log files in this folder and you are only interested in the latest it is possible to specify to load only log files since a specified number of days. You do that in the Analysis settings step of the wizard.

2.Deselect the check box Select whole folder and then add manually the log files you are interested in by clicking on the Add button.


Specify the log files location in the Log settings wizard