Status bar

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Status bar

Once log rows have been displayed the status bar looks like this.


The status bar in the HttpLogBrowser


From left to right you see:

The number of events filtered by the view. This will be the total number of loaded events only if there is no filter configured.

The time interval of displayed events: First -> Last (Time interval between the last and the first event). This is not the Time selection filter configured in the main tool bar but is based on displayed events.

Query mode. You toggle between both possible values mode by clicking on the displayed value (Immediate/Delayed) or temporarily by keeping the left CTRL key down when clicking on a filter link in the user interface.
Two possible values:

oImmediate (Default value): When you click on a filter link the view is immediately filtered and refreshed

oDelayed: When you click on a filter link only the filter box is updated but the view is not updated. You will need to update it later with the Refresh button right to the filter box.

Real time: You can enable/disable here the real time mode.

The source. This can be:

oA log folder name

oA list of files or just an extract of the list when too long

oThe name of the profile for which log files have been loaded

When the program is loading the log files you will see a different status bar with a progress bar.


HttpLogBrowser status bar when loading log files


From left to right:

A progress bar with percent of data already loaded

State of the application saying it is busy

The file name currently loading

Number of log rows already loaded


Once all log files have been loaded you will see while building statistics a progress bar with the percentage of statistics built.