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The HttpLogBrowser is a Windows desktop application with a free edition that will help you analyzing logs of your web sites hosted in IIS, in Microsoft Azure or in Apache. The tool can display statistics on every field value allowing to easily filter down the log entries just with a click on a value. In addition to the features listed hereafter available in the free edition there is also a professional edition with additional features that requires a paid license.


Feature list:

Display and analyze IIS HTTP logs including HTTP logs from Azure web applications and logs generated by the IIS advanced logging module.

Display and analyze Apache web server access logs.

Statistics are automatically calculated for every field and a chart can be displayed (pie chart or  histogram if the field is numeric)

Ability to easily filter on a field value just with a click on it. It is also possible to exclude a field value from the filter.

Fields with always the same value are removed from the log view and the statistics and are displayed in a specific panel to lighten the logs and focus on what is changing.

Up to 2 million log rows can be loaded in memory for analysis

Ability to define profiles for log files you regularly analyze.

Extract fields from the user agent string (e.g. browser, OS, device).

Request to some kind of files can be excluded from the analysis (e.g. css, png, json) to keep only queries to pages.

Request to some URL on the web site can be ignored

Ability to extract the ASP.NET session ID and the PHP session ID from the cookie field.

Any cookie and query variable can be extracted in a new field

Ability to extract keywords for some search engines (Bing for now) from the referrer

Ability to extract the gclid for Google ads landing

A tracking field can be configured to remember the origin of visitors


Additional features of the professional edition